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Bump Of Chicken ~ Karma

Bump Of Chicken ~ Karma

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Garasu tama hitotsu otosareta
Oikakete mou hitotsu okko chita
Hitotsu fun no hidamari ni hitotsu dake nokotteru

Shinzou ga hajimatta toki
Iyade mo hito wa basho wo toru
Ubaware nai you ni mamori tsuduketeru

Yogosazu ni tamotte kita te de mo
Yogorete mieta
Kioku wo utagau mae ni kioku ni utagawareteru

Kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
Onaji kodou no oto wo mejirushi ni shite
Koko ni iru yo itsudatte yonderu kara
Kutabireta riyuu ga kasanatte yureru toki
Umar ta imi wo shiru

Sonzai ga tsuduku kagiri
Shikata nai kara basho wo toru
Hitotsu fun no hidamari ni
Futatsu wa chotto ire nai

Garasu tama hitotsu otosareta
Ochita toki nanika hajiki dashita
Ubai totta basho de hikari wo abita

Kazoeta ashiato nado
Kidukeba suuji deshika nai
Shira nakya ike nai koto wa
Douyara ichi to zero no aida

Hajimete bokura wa deau darou
Onaji himei no hata wo mejirushi ni shite
Wasure naide itsudatte yonderu kara
Kasaneta riyuu wo futari de umeru toki
Yakusoku ga kawasareru

Kagami nanda bokura tagai ni
Sorezore no karuma wo utsusu tame no
Yogoreta te to te de furi atte
Katachi ga wakaru

Koko ni iru yo tashikani sawareru yo
Hitoribun no hidamari ni bokura wa iru

Wasure naide itsudatte yonderu kara
Onaji garasu tama no uchigawa no hou kara
Sousa kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
Shizumeta riyuu ni juu ji ka wo tateru toki
Yakusoku wa hatasareru
Bokura wa hitotsu ni naru


A glass ball was dropped
When I chased it, another one was dropped
In a single spot of sunshine, only one remains
When their existences began, reluctantly, people take up space
So that it won't be taken away, they protect it
Even though I kept my hands clean, they looked dirty
Before I doubt my memories, my memories doubt me
Surely, we will meet
The same sound of our beats becomes a sign
I am here; because I'll always be calling
When our worn out reasons overlap and sway
We'll understand the meaning of our birth
As our existence continues
Because we can't help it, we take up space
In a single spot of sunshine
The two of us can't fit
A glass ball was dropped
When it fell, something broke out
In the place we fought for, we basked in the sun
These footsteps we've counted
We realized they were nothing more than numbers
The thing we must understand is somehow in the space between one and zero
For the first time, we will meet
The same flag of our cries becomes a sign
Don't forget, because I'll always be calling
When we bury the overlapping reasons
The promise will be exchanged
Like mirrors, the two of us
Are to reflect each other's karma
Our dirtied hands touch and feel our shapes
You're here; I definitely feel you
We are in a single spot of sunshine
Don't forget, because I'll always be calling
From the inside of the same glass ball
Yes, we will surely meet
When a cross is built on the buried reasons
The promise will be fulfilled
We will become one


this song is also the opening theme of Tales of the Abyss anime version

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ROHAN ONLINE: New Quests Added

Rohan Online added 21 new quests to the game! See below for a list of them, where you can start them, and the required level (in parentheses):

& See Lumienne at Bothan Penitentiary for these new quests:

Items That Bring in Cash (30)
Deadly Knights Reborn (31)
Revealing Clues (32)
Arrest the Deadly Knights (33)
Retrieve the Deadly Knights Item (34)
Fearful Lights (35)
Last Counterattack (36)
Bloodstained Cells (38)

& See Kozumi at Caronia's Tomb for these new quests:

Investigate the Abandoned Penitentiary (37)
Merchants Plea (39)
Those That Disrupt the Tomb (46)
Ingredients needed for Purification (47)
Investigation of the Abandoned Tower (48)
Dead End for the Pillager (49)
Retrieve the Stolen Relics (50)

& See Rufus in the Hushed Forest for these new quests:

Threatening Gang (40)
Clear Conclusion (41)
Peace on the Ruined Bindstone (42)
Prevent the Sinister Magic (43)
Identify the Weakness (44)
Destroy the Source of Black Magic (45)


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ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Priest]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Priest]

Catalyst of Wisdom [Solo] - Level 50

Start NPC : Shailina Illia (Found in Vena town castle (E,9)
Reward : 6% EXP? And Priest job change.

Objective :
1) Shailina will tell you that you need to slay a monster called Marea's Elysain Bird to retrieve the Feather Key.

This bird is fairly easy to kill with decent equips and can be found near Goddess's Fountain in Via Marea (C,5), it's located just up a hill to the left most area.

Then with the Feather Key, open the box that is sitting near where the bird was to retrieve the Temple's Cornerstone.

2) Return back to Shailina (again). Congratulations, you should now have finished the quests and be a Priest!

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Templar]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Templar]

Portal Stones needed
: Orc Fortress
: Dragon Eyes
: Foothill Limestone

Things to do:
1st: If you reach level 50, proceed to Vena, talk to Viviana Nadiv.

She wil ask you to go to Palasina. Use Dragon eyes portal to make it on time XD

2nd: After talking to Palasina, you need to go to Orc Fortress to talk to Riphalia. Just use Orc fortress TP

3rd: After talking to Riphalia in Orc Fortress, she will then ask you to consult Guliermo in Dragon Eyes? just use dragon eyes TP

4th: Return to Viviana Nadiv

5th: Consult to Larciss

6th: After consulting him, you need to get an item in a chest in Armana Manor. [Use the Gathering Hall TP]

7th: Return to Viviana Nadiv.She will then ask you to kill Ornella The Amazon King in Limestone Foothill in F1 Varvylon [use Limestone Foothil TP]

8th: After defeating the King, return to Viviana Nadiv, she will then ask you to go to the Goddess Fountain to gather some materials...

9th: Bring back the materials to Viviana Nadiv and she will give you a mace Mace Weapon. Use that mace to kill Kaildarr the Magic Armor located in the Chromite quarry underground

10th: After you kill the boss, return to Viviana Nadiv and celebrate!


from PeterPan

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Human [Defender]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Human [Defender]

Upon reaching level 50 , You will receive two job change quest.

Guardian's Path and Defender's Path.

This guide is all about Defender's Job Change Quest.

Reminders : Dont party with other people while questing.

Proceed to Istvan Baileys at Einhoren.

He will ask you to get a quest item named Journal , Found at Ahkma Cave (Specters Room , Near Shamanistic Specters) It's appearance is a Aged Wooden Box.

After submitting the journal to Istvan , He will ask you to speak with Humphrey ( The guy who gives the Drexter Money Quest ) Also found at Einhoren.

Humphrey will ask you to go to the Mossy Statue at Dharvegawan , D9 Below the map.

You can get at Dharvegawan by using a Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then walk or ride with your mount and proceed to the Mossy Statue.

Be careful with those 50+ Paragon With Doctors.

After speaking with the Mossy Statue , Proceed back to Humphrey.

Humphrey will ask you to speak again with Istvan Baileys.

And this is the last part of the quest , Istvan Baileys will ask you to slay Nheias and four of its minions , the Mandrakes.

Nheias can be spotted at Liom , again teleport using the Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then proceed walking/riding to Nheias.

Follow the track of the road and when you get at I-8 ( map coords ) You could see a Wooden Towerlike Structure at your left side.

Turn left and trace this road.

You could see a Wooden Gate , Thats where Nheias is.

Kill first Nheias ( Her damage sucks but she got higher HP ) Dont worry about Mandrakes , coz they suck too.

After killing Nheias , kill 4pcs of Mandrakes. Mandrakes dont stop respawning , After killing 4pcs just Run and Use Town Portal Stone , Go Back to Einhoren.

Proceed to Istvan Baileys.


You are now a Defender

BTW this quest gives 30% overall EXP.


by cursememore

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ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 34 quest Fire-Spewing Stone [REPEATABLE]

lvl 34 quest Fire-Spewing Stone

Start NPC:Ridic

you just need to get amethyst stones located at C6 in montt [Narkhant Mainport]

this quest gives you 15,089 crones

just bring angel bunny with you ^^

ROHAN ONLINE: Spire of Mana /Possessed Souls lvl 32 Quest

Spire of Mana /Possessed Souls lvl 32 Quest

just kill 6 of possessed souls located in D3, D4.1, D4.5, DE4.5, E3.5 E4.1

be careful! that mob is strong

^_~ V goodluck hehe

after you have finished your quest, go back to Avis

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ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dekan [Dragon Sage]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dekan [Dragon Sage]

1. Starting point - Haem in Rev Deca castle

2. Speak to Talia - Bindstone Downstream of Shamar River in Armenes/Rev Deca map (location: D8)

3. Goto Black Dragon Sanctuary to read text at the Statue of Wailing Dragon (location in Geizan C9)

4. Go see Keeper of Dragon Eyes - (Guliermo is located at the Dragon Eyes Bindstone in Via Marea F2)

5. Return to Rev Deca - see Haem

6. Find the youngest child in Rev Deca - (Perisada is located just outside the Rev Deca castle)

7. Go to Crystal Quarry - Kill the Phoenix Croief (located by the portal leading to the second lvl of Crystal Quarry)

8. Return to Rev Deca - see Haem

9. Talk to Rivyn's Conscience - (location: Del Lagos - north central F/G 2 area)

10. Find Sign of Sepa Rosa - (location: Aevraum - C9 at top of the tower)

11. Go to Altar of Late King - Ferdinant's Mausoleum (located in Armenes/Rev Deca Map G8)

12. Return to Rev Deca - see Haem

13. Go to Armenes Altar; speak with Atiya - (location: Armenes/Rev Deca Map G5)

14. This is the toughest part of the job change. Few things to keep in mind: if you travel in a party to safely reach the last room, you must withdraw from the party before you open the pot! You must do these in this order:

> Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan C9)- go to the last room west when you see the Shard of Baron Victor Vlen (a mean boss) - you will pass through a long hallway with serpent pillagers, then will see serpent outlaws standing outside the doors to room where the Baron is (when you see these you are very close). Enter room where Baron is, go left and stay next to the wall to avoid his wrath. Go down a small ramp/hallway where you will see a large pot in the room, (leave party at this point) and double click the pot. The horseman will appear and he's no problem 1 on 1. Help may be needed to keep all the mobs off of you. Also, in this room of the BDS [Black Dragon Sanctuary] , a mini boss spawns (the white wolf Violence Mahopatew or something like that). If the boss is there, quickly open the pot then everyone attack the boss, if you die you can return and the horseman will be standing there and can be pulled into the hallway with a range attack thus avoiding the mobs and the boss. You should obtain a Spillproof Basin on killing horseman once.

> Go to Caronia's Tomb (Varvylan J6) - map of Caronia's Tomb is same as BDS [Black Dragon Sanctuary] so go to the same room as below. If in a party, withdraw before opening the pot. Kill horseman and obtain the Dryproof Basin.

15. Return to Armenes Altar - speak with Atiya (Armenes/Rev Deca G5)

16. Obtain Scale of Armenes - Look for the Sluggish Wave (location: Armenes/Rev Deca north shore of F2) There you will see 4 mobs but no worries, they are all lvl 1.

17. Return to Armenes Altar - Atiya will send you to Haem where you will be officially changed. Congrats to our newest Dragon Sage!!

ROHAN CLASSES: build-up for Dhans [PREDATOR]

Dhan Predator Class Build (Pure PvP/PvE)

This build has alot of similarities to the Avenger build and there isn’t a whole lot of difference stat wise with them. However I do believe the Predator and its build have better PvP spells than the Avenger because of a godly DoT (Scarecrow) and a great stun skill (Heart Trap)

Stat Build: Dhans have several areas of priority for their stat distribution. You can’t overload your stat points in any category especially agility or you are going to be regretting it later.

This Avenger build can do some decent damage with 157 strength and with the added criticals of damage dealing spells this works well. A a good amount of Agility (200) is put into the build to maximize the use of Deadly Blow but not overdo it as to weaken yourself in other areas. You will also have some good evasion too. For DEX we added 100 points so that you don’t miss so much. A little bit of Psyche will be added to boost the mana pool a bit so that you have a little more room to work your devastating spells.

PvE: Soloing is a breeze for this build, you will deal a ton of damage and get alot of 1 hit kills due to crits making you wonder why the mobs don’t just die when they look at you and not even bother.
Ranged mobs can be a pain though because of a relatively low HP. Dhan motto is kill before being killed basically. Dungeon grinding is fun with this build (makes you dizzy). You can be a on a constant killing spree with no real worries about anything leaving tons of dead mobs littered around the party. Be careful when boss hunting or fighting dungeon bosses, you do alot of damage and can pull aggro from them and you will be in trouble (found this out hard way). If your lucky you can get off Confusion Pouch and hope that one of the tanks can pull back aggro with a taunt skill. When you hit 56 you have access to Scarecrow which will which is PERFECT in dungeon parties. Not only will you be slaying monters at a incredible rate with your melee attacks but you will also be killing them from afar with your AoE DoT!

PvP: The Predator has a large array of powerful PvP skills making them an elite mass murderer lol. If you are 1v1 with no mobs around your Scarecrow skill spell and your ravaged attacks will wipe them off the face of the earth very quickly! Mana burn will leave your enemies without skills and give you a percentage of their mana to your health bar. You have a high chance to stun your opponent with Heart Trap at a continuous rate for 30 seconds.

Conclusion: There is not much to worry about other than keeping your man bar full. Hmans and Dark Elfs can give you some problems. Make sure to stun Humans as much as you can and get close to the Dark Elfs and they are done for.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dhan Assasin Tree)

1. Invenom-Level 5: 100% boost to Elemental Attack Rate, 50% to Defense, 6% chance of 9 additionnal attacks with 99 damage.
2. Hide-Level 1: Able to Vanish from players or monsters that are up to 5 levels higher. 50% drop in Mobility during Vanish mode.
3. Parry-Level 5: 10% chance of you blocking physical attacks with your weapon. Lasts 30 minutes.
4. Mortal Rising-Level 5: After being under Vanish mode, there’s a 100% chance of your first attack being a Critical Attack. Last 18 minutes.
5. Spring-Level 1: 20% boost to your Mobility. Lasts 18 seconds.
6. Sudden Attack-Level 5: 300% of your weapon damage added to your attacks. 8 continous attack with level damage.
7. Mirror Shield-Level 1: Reflects 6% of received damage, including Magic attacks. Lasts 1 min.
8. Psychic Phantom-Level 1: Additional 80% Damage added to regular attack.
9. Avoid-Level 1: 3% boost to your target’s Agility. Lasts 18 mins.
10. Quickness-Level 5: 30% boost in your target’s Dexterity. Lasts 30 mins.
11. Boost-Level 5: 7% increase in turning a regular attack into a critical. Last 30 mins.
12. Mana Burn-Level 5: Absorbs the target’s Mana at 600% of his level, and then converts it into 700% of his level. Stuns target for 3 sec.
13. Phantom Crow-Level 5: Upon sucessfully casting Psychic Phantom, you have a 100 % cahnce of it giving Critical Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
14. Deadly Blow-Level 1: Upon making a succesful Critical Attack, 200% of your Agility is added to your attack. Lasts 18 mins.
15. Death Blow-Level 2: Each succesful attack increases damage by 40% of user’s Monster Kill Count. Lasts 21 mins.
16. Silence-Level 1: Disables your target’s skills. Lasts 10 secs.
17. Confusion Pouch-Level 1: Confusion takes over for 8 secs. User in confusion status does not receive damage.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Dhan Predator Tree)

1. Awareness-Level 1: Immediate release from the Root spell.
2. Sluggish Attack-Level 4: 400% of your level is applied to damage. 12% drop in your target’s Evasion. Lasts 30 secs.
3. Katar Mastery-Level 4: 12% boost to your Katar Damage. lasts 27 mins.
4. Hide Spirit-Level 1: Can use the vanish skill without hiding for 3 minutes.
5. Detect-Level 1: Detect any players ans mosnters. 15M range. Lasts 30 secs.
6. Tracking Treasure-Level 1: You can view Treasure Boxes thar are located within 35M on the Minimap.
7. Ruin Trap-Level 3: 9% drop in your target’s Defense if they are within the Trap Range. Lasts 45 secs.
8. Sealing Square-Level 1: Seal the targets that are within a 6M range for 10 secs. Does not apply to Monsters.
9. Healing Trap-Level 1: 1% HP recovered every 3 seconds for all party members within range. Lasts 30 secs.
10. Heart Trap-Level 5: 40% chance of stunning your target for 4 secs every 5 secs. Lasts 30 secs.
11. Scarecrow-Level 5: 1800 damage given to random targets within the Trap’s Range. Lasts 60 secs.
12. Timer Trap-Level 5: 30% of your Attack is applied as damage every 3 seconds to the targets within trap range. Lasts 60 secs.
13. Secret Hide-Level 1: 10 % chance of staying in vanish mode even during attacks.
14. Transformation-Level 3: Convert 100% of your target’s Ranged Attack into 80% Melee Attack for 45 secs. Not applicable to Monsters.
15. Premium Slash-Level 3: Convert 100% of your target’s Ranged Attack into 80% Melee Attack for 45 secs. Not applicable to Monsters.
16. Royal Mask-Level 5: Your level is raised by 5. Lasts 120mins.
17. Experience Mambo-Level 1: 10% reduction in EXP loss upon death. Lasts 10 mins.
18. Demolition-Level 1: 100% boost in damage dealt to your target aligned at your location. 30% of the damage is applied as Poison damage. Lasts 15 secs.

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ROHAN ONLINE: leveling quest guide

- 20-28) Ahkma Cave: Ursa, Ursa Warriors, Ursa Elders, Ursa Mages. Lvls 22-28

- 28-32) Ahkma Cave: Blood Souls. Lvls 28-32 [also in orc fortress area E4]

- 32-35) Ahkma Cave: Might Souls. Lvls 33-36 [also in orc fortress area E4]

- 35-38) Ahkma Cave: Spectres, Shamanistic Spectres. Lvl 36-41

- 38-44) Ahkma Cave: Leather Heads, Zombies, Mummies. Lvl 38-45

- 44-54) Rhakon 1 Dungeon "Sofa Room": Nightmare slaughterer, Nightmare Revenant, Nightmare gladiator, Nightmare Gate Keeper. Lvl 46-52

- 47-60) Alter of Roha: Undead Pirate, Pirate Master, Flash of Pahan, Tauric, Gate Keeper, Blood fang Lycan, Elite Sheti, Elite Shamanistic Sheti, Advanced Gate Keeper. Lvl 53-64


HalfElf solo quest line:

It starts from lvl 10 quest called:
The Fiance of Ka'el Dutton

Reward:Trap Striker bow or Ivory Cescent Crossbow.

Start NPC:
Arien(near exit of kai'non)
You must go speak to Turmel then Zhonat Rotus and quest is done.

Lvl 20 Solo:

Recollect the Past.

Reward:Elemental armor set +6p.def+6m.def.
Start NPC:Quaid Berkins in Kai'non

1st phase is to speak to Joshua.
2nd Apir Noble Hunt.
3rd to go talk with Joshua again,and ur done^^.

Lvl 25 Solo:

Unforseen Obstacle.

Reward:Lesser healing remedy and lesser mana remedy(each 5)

Start NPC:Joshua in Kai'non.

1st Phase is to talk to Turmel.
2nd to talk to Quiad Berkins
.3rd to talk to Zibrian in Ehres Harbor.
4th phase is to collect bellonging of Ka'el(u must open waste boxes outside ehres harbor and find engagement ring in one of the boxes.
5th Phase is to deliver it to Zibrian.

lvl 30 Solo:

Immortal Love.

Reward:Whirlwind bow or Phantom Crossbow.

Start NPC:Zibrian in Ehres Harbor.

1st phase to deliver Engagement ring to robdun who is in Orc Fortress Bindstone
2nd phase to hunt Dark Souls.
3rd Phase to go back to robdun.
4th phase to talk to Lacriss in Lauke Monastery interior.

Lvl 35 Solo:

From Exile.

Reward:Armor of Darkness all set.

Start NPC: Lacriss in lauke monastery interior.

1st Phase is to hunt Specters till you get Hunting Stick after that you must go to Lauke Monastery and open some 50yr old junk bags till u find Juniper Wood Cuffs. After that talk to Lacriss once again.

Lvl 40 Solo:

What happened in the Monastery.

Reward:Skill enchantement Stone.

Start NPC:Lacriss in Lauke Monastery Interior.

You need to gather party to beat Demon Hezwerd in the monastery to obtain short bow of Ka'el and after that deliver it to Lacriss.

Lvl 45 Solo:

The Gypsy Prophet Helena.

Reward:Ferric Long bow or Great Crossbow

Start NPC:Helena in Ezker Island Bindstone.

1st phase go to Peddler next to Helena and buy book of lauke from him it costs 500crones.
2nd Phase make Elixirs=Healing Remedys+Mana Remedys(regular ones)And give it to Helena.

Lvl 50 Solo:

How Time Flies.

Reward:Faith of Ka'el,Pluion,Edwin,Trian,Rai,Kish(choose one)

Start NPC Zhonat Rotus

1st phase is to go to Armana Chapel and kill Orc Knight.
Then go back to Zhonat and ur done.

Lvl 52 Solo:

The Cold Season.

Reward:Imperial Topaz Ring with random stats.

Start NPC:Norberto in rakhon dungeon lvl 1.

1st phase hunt Chain Armor Taurics to get Scratched key.
2nd Phase is to find Norberto's Box and get Finished report.
3rd phase to report it to Norberto.
4th Phase to deliver it to Agnes.

lvl 55 Solo:

The place that escaped fate.

Start NPC:Agnes in limestone Foothill.

Reward is some exp.

1st phaase is to bring finished report to ghoster hes resting in Shrouded manor near pine plateau in corner,After that go to Geizan map and check map for NPC Toaz and deliver finished report to him and ur done.

lvl 58 Solo:

The Identity of Merchants.

Reward: Tormaline Armor set +20p.def.+20m.def and Red Pine Fishing Pole.

Start NPC:Jerop in Limestone foothill.

You need to get Chaos Stones from Chaos Drakes in geizan map I9.

Then Bring them to Jerop and ur done :).

lvl 60 Solo:

First Conversation in 50 Years

Reward: Carnelian bracers or Ring with random stats

Start NPC: Jerop in limestone foothill.

Obejctive is to fish or buy 5 Rainbow Trouts.

Then bring them to Vena Queen in Vena Rima Regenon.

lvl 62 Solo:

The Honorable Death.

Reward:Soul of Pluion/Kish/Trian/Ka'el/Rai/Edwin<
Start NPC:Rima Regenon(You must have Faith of Ka'el/Kish/Trian/Rai/Edwin/Pluion accesories to start this quest).

1st phase talk to Rihit del Lagos in Einhoren then go to Caronia Tomb or Black Dragon Sanctuary gather a strong party and hunt for Shard of Baron Victor Vlen.Tough Boss.After that Deliver it to Rihit Del Lagos.

lvl 66 Solo:

The Attack on Water Temple Garden.

Reward:5 Greater Elixirs.

Start NPC Rihit Del Lagos in Einhoren.

1st thing to do is Deliver Gratt Fortress Work Report to Jerop in Limestone foothill then go pine plateau and go to coordinates C9 and eliminate Aqua Archer.Weak boss :p.Report to jerop and ur done.

lvl 72 Solo:

Monsters,and more Monsters.

Reward:All Blood Alliance Armor set +24p.def +24m.def.

Start NPC:Jerop.

1st phase go to einhoren coordinates C4 and kill Aqua Armorer and report it to Jerop and ur done Aqua armorer

lvl 80 Solo:

Sacred Blood Knights Tyra.

Reward:5Superior hp 5 superior mp remedys.

Start NPC:Tyra in Limestone foothill.1st phase is to kill 50 Lauke Fanatics in Spire of Redemption and report it to Tyra.

lvl 83 Solo:

Belldaios,the Key Instigator.

Reward:All Appentium Set +28p.def +28m.def.

Start NPC:Tyra in limestone foothill.

1st phase is to go Pine plateau then go to Geizan map and find Belladios in I7 and kill him then report to Tyra and ur done.

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ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dark-Elf [Warlock]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dark-Elf [Warlock]

1> Disenchantment of a Warlock

Talk to Pascal Vistierre to recieve the first quest.
Open your map and go to temple of flox to talk to Andelique
Go to Eduardo Concert hall (BEHIND THE HALL, NOT IN THE HALL), click on the lump of moonstone,
Go back and talk to Andelique.

2>Magicians Scale

Go back to Montt, talk to magicians scale as instructed.
Go to Limestone foothill and kill 50 paragon guardsmen
Back to montt talk to magicians scale again
Now go to gathering hall, and ride to Serpenter Swamp.
You can find those calips deep at the middle of the swamp.

3>Grand counselor Lazesus.

Go to pine plateau and ride east all the way till the next map and you will see the NPC.
{Memo is in ur invent) and make some elixirs, u will need it.

1st tongue: Temple of flox beside Adelique
2nd tongue: Altar of Roha : Behind huge statue.
3rd tongue: Temple of Silva : On the platform, do yourself a favor, ask for almighty and barriers.

4>The foe Devtorre

Go to limestone
Go to the north map and head to Myrtle woods
Stick to western wall and go south, u will see them, easy kills.

5>Entrusted Future

Port to dwarfhill using stones in GH,
Go to H5 coordinates and kill it

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dark-Elf [Wizard]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guilde: Dark-Elf [Wizard]

1st quest The Disenchantment of a mage
You can find those Whispering Flame Bush at Eibach

2nd quest The Queen’s Book

Search the treasure chests in Membrano Royal villa (there are 3) and you should find the book

3rd quest In the realm of fear

Kill Kruggerands in entangle ruin around I3 and I4 until you get the gold coin

4th quest Flame of Flox

Go to Dharvegawan region, and u can find those boxes around G5 and H5 near the volcano

5th quest The sense of Serverance

Monsters are at Eibach between I4 and I5 (go all the way east)

Good Luck!

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dekan [Dragon Fighter]

Quest Level 50 - Inauguration of Dragon Knight [Dragon Knight] [solo] (Job Change)

1. Start by going to the NPC Surbhar in Rev’Deca. He will ask you to seek out another NPC, Talia.
2. Talia is located at the Downstream of Shamar River bindstone.

3. She will ask you to find a Statue of a Wailing Dragon, which is located at the entrance of the Black Dragon Sanctuary.

4. After this, you need to speak with an NPC named Guliermo, located at the Dragon Eyes bindstone.

5. Head back to Surbhar for the next part of the quest. He will ask you to deliver “the Remnants to the Altar of the Late King”, which is located at Ferdinant’s Mausoleum.

6. After this, you will need to speak with Camila, an NPC located at the Caronia’s Tomb bindstone.

7. Camila will give you a quest where you need to get 3 items, one after the other.

1x Sealed Red Blade - Dropped by Fire Drakes
1x Sealed Black Blade - Dropped by Black Drakes
1x Sealed Silver Blade - Dropped by Glacial Drakes

Note: These are also rare drops, so don’t expect them to fall after a single kill.

There is one Fire Drake which spawns in Flame’s Cove. Its level 55 and surrounded by level 50 Flame Sprites but those shouldn’t be a problem.
Just kill the Fire Drake until you get the Sealed Red Blade.

There are a whole bunch of Black Drakes which spawn in Myrtle Woods at D8. There are some tough monsters on the way there which are level 55+, but your mount should be able to run past them all. There is one Black Drake near the main road that spawns apart from the others, so there should be no problem dealing with it 1-on-1. Kill that sucker until he drops the Sealed Black Blade.

Glacial Drakes.
Caronia’s Tomb is much easier than BDS when you get to the drakes. They spawn in smaller groups and are much more spread out. You should only need to fight 2, maybe 3 at a time max, which is much more feasible than 6.

It just so happens the first group of Glacial Drakes you encounter in Caronia’s Tomb is a group of 2 and they are both seperated from other mobs at a corner of a hallway, just waiting for you to kill.

So go ahead and kill them until you get your Sealed Silver Blade.

If you’ve made it here, then you’re done with the hard stuff. The rest is pretty smooth sailing.

8. Upon returning to Surbhar, he will tell you to speak with Bahadur, who is located in the palace of Rev’Deca.

9. Kill the boss, Adharmha.

Bahadur will ask you to obtain a Karbara’s Contract, which you get from killing a boss called Adharmha located in the Forest of Enlightenment at F4. She is a piece of cake, but does have the ability to stun you, so be careful anyways.

10. Report back to Bahadur and he will tell you to see Surbhar again.

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Human [Guardian]

1st when u reach lv 50, back to Einhoren town and get the [solo] quest in palace. Follow the quest then you are conducted to quest 1.

Quest 1, u need to find Camila (bindstone guard) at Caronia’s tomb bindstone located at varrylon. buy a limestone foothill portal stone, portal there, and walking from limestone foothill bindstone is easier to get there.

quest 2, after u chat with Camila, u need to kill one boss named boyton haraford located near southwest of Varrow Forest bindstone. Varrow Forest is at east of the varrylon map, Geizan map. from Caronia’s tomb, follow the route and walk to the east. u will arrive Geizan map.

keep walking to the east at Geizan map. After u cross the bridge, u can see there is Ursa mage at yr right hand side(from character sight), and boyton is on a hill(can be called as high-land) behind the Ursa mage, surrounded by paragon guardian. Although boyton haraford is with aura, but it is easy to kill. after killing boyton, follow the instruction and looking for next NPC to pass the quest (whether palace NPC or Camila, i forget).

After that u will busying get many exp from walking around palace to pass the quest.

after that, palace NPC will order u to find a “traces of dhan”. it is in Caronia’s Tomb dungeon (north of Caronia’s bindstone). Try to find some follower, better a priest to barrier u so u wont get hurted by magic mobs.

In the dungeon, get to the room i marked. after get to the room, the “box” is at lower right corner of the room (when u stand at the room entrance), shaped like a steel box. when u open the box, REMEMBER DONT PARTY TO ANYONE or u have to do the quest again.

after finish this quest, pass it to the palace NPC and get ready for the next boss.

This last boss is located at Varrylon map also. it located at the small island south-west of pine plateau bindstone. for the big map u could see a yellow dot with “3rd water element”, there is the location of the boss. this boss is surrounded by 3 beholder shape lv 1 magic mobs. kill all 3 of them and final is the boss. This boss need long time to kill but it only hurts u abit compare to the 3 lv1 magic mobs(their magic is hurt! i dont they are lv1). after killing the boss, pass it to the palace NPC. congratulation, you are now a Guardian^^

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Half-Elf [Scout]

Quest Level 50 - Job Change [Scout]

Quest 1:
1. Talk to quest starter Senecca in Kai non, take the scout quest
2. Go to gray dawn tower in ELF map[kai'non]. Find the statue, its in the middle of gray dawn tower.
3. Interact with the statue, then your quests updates.
4. Go back to the quest starter in kai'non.

Quest 2:
1.Receive the 2nd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca.
2. He will give you a lvl 1 dagger.
3. Find a BERG boss, and kill it with the lvl 1 dagger.
(Berg boss locations: ahkma cave sword room, a litte east of Pine platu bindstone, monnt bloody hills f5, Vena area near ursa warriors and apir nobles)
4. Return to kai'non.

Quest 3:
1. Receive the 3rd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca. She wants you to find the FELIX BOX.
2. Go to black dragon sanctuary in Geizan Map. (Travel to pine plateu bindstone and head EAST to reach black dragon sanctuary)
3. When you are inside black dragon sanctuary, go straight follow the path.
4. When you reach the first split path, take the right path.
5. When you reach the second split path, take the right path.
6. Keep going forward and u will eventually come across a room with flame spites and some other mobs.
7. Inside that room you will find the FELIX BOX. Open the felix box.
8. Quest updated, go back to kai non senecca to end this quest.
(Side note: Be prepared before you enter black dragon sanctuary, get some lesser elixers or some friends to help you)

Quest 4:
1. Get the 4th scout quest in kai non from senecca.Now shes want you to kill 15 mob to get 15 items.
2. Teleport to pine plateau bindstone
3. Head west to shrouded mansion, and then continue heading west from shrouded mansion.
4. You will then come across a bunch of Morvols.
5. Kill 15 of them.
6. Go back to kai'non
7. Talk to Zhonat Rotus in kai'non.
8. Zhonat rotus will give you another quest.
9. All you have to do for this quest is to go and talk to Senecca in kai'non.
10. Quest finish, now you become a scout.

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Half-Elf [Ranger]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Half-Elf [Ranger]

you can find "Lord Of Flame" right on the image's spot

it's coordinates are J-4