Thursday, April 2, 2009

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dark-Elf [Warlock]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dark-Elf [Warlock]

1> Disenchantment of a Warlock

Talk to Pascal Vistierre to recieve the first quest.
Open your map and go to temple of flox to talk to Andelique
Go to Eduardo Concert hall (BEHIND THE HALL, NOT IN THE HALL), click on the lump of moonstone,
Go back and talk to Andelique.

2>Magicians Scale

Go back to Montt, talk to magicians scale as instructed.
Go to Limestone foothill and kill 50 paragon guardsmen
Back to montt talk to magicians scale again
Now go to gathering hall, and ride to Serpenter Swamp.
You can find those calips deep at the middle of the swamp.

3>Grand counselor Lazesus.

Go to pine plateau and ride east all the way till the next map and you will see the NPC.
{Memo is in ur invent) and make some elixirs, u will need it.

1st tongue: Temple of flox beside Adelique
2nd tongue: Altar of Roha : Behind huge statue.
3rd tongue: Temple of Silva : On the platform, do yourself a favor, ask for almighty and barriers.

4>The foe Devtorre

Go to limestone
Go to the north map and head to Myrtle woods
Stick to western wall and go south, u will see them, easy kills.

5>Entrusted Future

Port to dwarfhill using stones in GH,
Go to H5 coordinates and kill it

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