Thursday, April 2, 2009

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dark-Elf [Wizard]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guilde: Dark-Elf [Wizard]

1st quest The Disenchantment of a mage
You can find those Whispering Flame Bush at Eibach

2nd quest The Queen’s Book

Search the treasure chests in Membrano Royal villa (there are 3) and you should find the book

3rd quest In the realm of fear

Kill Kruggerands in entangle ruin around I3 and I4 until you get the gold coin

4th quest Flame of Flox

Go to Dharvegawan region, and u can find those boxes around G5 and H5 near the volcano

5th quest The sense of Serverance

Monsters are at Eibach between I4 and I5 (go all the way east)

Good Luck!


Oliver said...

thnx poh sa quest guide.. sakt0 lahat^^

veejay said...

tanks to make it such a great to the beginner to the game just keep you xor rohan whould only ^_+