Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Priest]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Priest]

Catalyst of Wisdom [Solo] - Level 50

Start NPC : Shailina Illia (Found in Vena town castle (E,9)
Reward : 6% EXP? And Priest job change.

Objective :
1) Shailina will tell you that you need to slay a monster called Marea's Elysain Bird to retrieve the Feather Key.

This bird is fairly easy to kill with decent equips and can be found near Goddess's Fountain in Via Marea (C,5), it's located just up a hill to the left most area.

Then with the Feather Key, open the box that is sitting near where the bird was to retrieve the Temple's Cornerstone.

2) Return back to Shailina (again). Congratulations, you should now have finished the quests and be a Priest!

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