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HalfElf solo quest line:

It starts from lvl 10 quest called:
The Fiance of Ka'el Dutton

Reward:Trap Striker bow or Ivory Cescent Crossbow.

Start NPC:
Arien(near exit of kai'non)
You must go speak to Turmel then Zhonat Rotus and quest is done.

Lvl 20 Solo:

Recollect the Past.

Reward:Elemental armor set +6p.def+6m.def.
Start NPC:Quaid Berkins in Kai'non

1st phase is to speak to Joshua.
2nd Apir Noble Hunt.
3rd to go talk with Joshua again,and ur done^^.

Lvl 25 Solo:

Unforseen Obstacle.

Reward:Lesser healing remedy and lesser mana remedy(each 5)

Start NPC:Joshua in Kai'non.

1st Phase is to talk to Turmel.
2nd to talk to Quiad Berkins
.3rd to talk to Zibrian in Ehres Harbor.
4th phase is to collect bellonging of Ka'el(u must open waste boxes outside ehres harbor and find engagement ring in one of the boxes.
5th Phase is to deliver it to Zibrian.

lvl 30 Solo:

Immortal Love.

Reward:Whirlwind bow or Phantom Crossbow.

Start NPC:Zibrian in Ehres Harbor.

1st phase to deliver Engagement ring to robdun who is in Orc Fortress Bindstone
2nd phase to hunt Dark Souls.
3rd Phase to go back to robdun.
4th phase to talk to Lacriss in Lauke Monastery interior.

Lvl 35 Solo:

From Exile.

Reward:Armor of Darkness all set.

Start NPC: Lacriss in lauke monastery interior.

1st Phase is to hunt Specters till you get Hunting Stick after that you must go to Lauke Monastery and open some 50yr old junk bags till u find Juniper Wood Cuffs. After that talk to Lacriss once again.

Lvl 40 Solo:

What happened in the Monastery.

Reward:Skill enchantement Stone.

Start NPC:Lacriss in Lauke Monastery Interior.

You need to gather party to beat Demon Hezwerd in the monastery to obtain short bow of Ka'el and after that deliver it to Lacriss.

Lvl 45 Solo:

The Gypsy Prophet Helena.

Reward:Ferric Long bow or Great Crossbow

Start NPC:Helena in Ezker Island Bindstone.

1st phase go to Peddler next to Helena and buy book of lauke from him it costs 500crones.
2nd Phase make Elixirs=Healing Remedys+Mana Remedys(regular ones)And give it to Helena.

Lvl 50 Solo:

How Time Flies.

Reward:Faith of Ka'el,Pluion,Edwin,Trian,Rai,Kish(choose one)

Start NPC Zhonat Rotus

1st phase is to go to Armana Chapel and kill Orc Knight.
Then go back to Zhonat and ur done.

Lvl 52 Solo:

The Cold Season.

Reward:Imperial Topaz Ring with random stats.

Start NPC:Norberto in rakhon dungeon lvl 1.

1st phase hunt Chain Armor Taurics to get Scratched key.
2nd Phase is to find Norberto's Box and get Finished report.
3rd phase to report it to Norberto.
4th Phase to deliver it to Agnes.

lvl 55 Solo:

The place that escaped fate.

Start NPC:Agnes in limestone Foothill.

Reward is some exp.

1st phaase is to bring finished report to ghoster hes resting in Shrouded manor near pine plateau in corner,After that go to Geizan map and check map for NPC Toaz and deliver finished report to him and ur done.

lvl 58 Solo:

The Identity of Merchants.

Reward: Tormaline Armor set +20p.def.+20m.def and Red Pine Fishing Pole.

Start NPC:Jerop in Limestone foothill.

You need to get Chaos Stones from Chaos Drakes in geizan map I9.

Then Bring them to Jerop and ur done :).

lvl 60 Solo:

First Conversation in 50 Years

Reward: Carnelian bracers or Ring with random stats

Start NPC: Jerop in limestone foothill.

Obejctive is to fish or buy 5 Rainbow Trouts.

Then bring them to Vena Queen in Vena Rima Regenon.

lvl 62 Solo:

The Honorable Death.

Reward:Soul of Pluion/Kish/Trian/Ka'el/Rai/Edwin<
Start NPC:Rima Regenon(You must have Faith of Ka'el/Kish/Trian/Rai/Edwin/Pluion accesories to start this quest).

1st phase talk to Rihit del Lagos in Einhoren then go to Caronia Tomb or Black Dragon Sanctuary gather a strong party and hunt for Shard of Baron Victor Vlen.Tough Boss.After that Deliver it to Rihit Del Lagos.

lvl 66 Solo:

The Attack on Water Temple Garden.

Reward:5 Greater Elixirs.

Start NPC Rihit Del Lagos in Einhoren.

1st thing to do is Deliver Gratt Fortress Work Report to Jerop in Limestone foothill then go pine plateau and go to coordinates C9 and eliminate Aqua Archer.Weak boss :p.Report to jerop and ur done.

lvl 72 Solo:

Monsters,and more Monsters.

Reward:All Blood Alliance Armor set +24p.def +24m.def.

Start NPC:Jerop.

1st phase go to einhoren coordinates C4 and kill Aqua Armorer and report it to Jerop and ur done Aqua armorer

lvl 80 Solo:

Sacred Blood Knights Tyra.

Reward:5Superior hp 5 superior mp remedys.

Start NPC:Tyra in Limestone foothill.1st phase is to kill 50 Lauke Fanatics in Spire of Redemption and report it to Tyra.

lvl 83 Solo:

Belldaios,the Key Instigator.

Reward:All Appentium Set +28p.def +28m.def.

Start NPC:Tyra in limestone foothill.

1st phase is to go Pine plateau then go to Geizan map and find Belladios in I7 and kill him then report to Tyra and ur done.


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